Ansar hospital is one of the pioneers of Psychological Healthcare in Kerala. An Institute of Mental Health having 50 beds and an average of 80 out-patients a day is currently in operation. This is also a referral centre for other hospitals. The institute attracts patients from all over Kerala and Lakshadweep & Laccadive Islands. Besides Psychiatric treatment, the centre also caters to Behavior Therapy, Family Counseling and De-addiction Programs.

Mental disorders arise from a combination of causes. Transition of the joint family system to the nuclear ones and unrealized aspirations contribute to the negative growth in mental health front in the state. Alcohol and drug abuses, breakdown of family and marriage are all spin-offs of this aspect only. The WHO estimates indicate a prevalence level of about 22% of individuals developing one or more mental or behavioral disorders. Over 90% of people with mental illness are cared for within their communities by their families and may never even receive a diagnosis. People affected by mental illness suffer from wide-spread systemic discrimination even from their own family. Economically backward families undergo tremendous sufferings in addition to the social stigma attached to the illness.

Mission (AIPMAR)

The mission of Ansar Institute of Psychological Medicine and Research (AlPMAR) is to rehabilitate the people with mental illness to live, work and participate in the community to the full extent of their capabilities. We are truly one of the pioneers of psychological healthcare in India. This is a referral centre for other hospitals. Our departments of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology offer in-patient and out-patient facilities. Besides, Psychiatric treatment, the centre also caters to Behavior Therapy, Family Counseling and De-addiction Centre programs.

The collaboration with Sree Chithira Thirunal institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, at state capital Thiruvananthapuram, a premier medical institute in lndia shatters the myth that quality medical care and specialty doctors are beyond the reach of the poor. Distinguished doctors from Sree Chithira Hospital visit Ansar Hospital to treat epileptic patients on the third Sunday of every month. Collaboration in other departments and areas are also being actively considered. This has attracted epileptic patients to Ansar from the entire belt of central and northern parts of Kerala State.


The Ansar Mental Healthcare centre has evolved into a Training & Research Institute incorporating the most modern technological and scientific advances that strongly upholds all human values. It began as a Sunday clinic under Ansar Hospital, in the year 1994 which later extended its service to three days a week. Later it was transformed into a psychiatric centre with ten beds, which was later developed into a full-fledged mental health care centre. Now, the department has a group of eminent mental health professionals including Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, Occupational Therapists and Psychiatric Nurses under the leadership of DI.P.M Syed Mohamed who is a reputed psychiatrist in the state. Everyday scores of patients visit the psychiatric treatment centre indicating the requirement of advanced treatment facilities. The hospital is headed by Prof. E. Mohamed who is a well-known Clinical Psychologist in the country and former President of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP).


The present building is pretty old and originally it was not meant for a Psychiatric hospital. The intake of in patients is restricted to 50 whereas every day scores of patients are denied admission and sent back home. Psychiatrists and management are equally helpless in providing minimum facilities to these unfortunate people and families. Although this is the responsibility of the community and Govt. they have failed. The present facilities are below par and the demand is high. It is to fill this lacuna and fulfills the Trust’s ultimate aim to serve the community and society we decided to embark on this project: ANSAR INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE AND RESEARCH (AIPMAR). We are aware of the problems ahead but our strong faith in Almighty and His benevolence is the only investment and motivation.
Already the Trust owns a land of 5+ acres in a serene and tranquil place encircled by lush greeneries. It is only 1.5 KM away from the hustle and bustle of Municipal area but well connected by road & communications. It is very near to Ansar multispecialty hospital which can give medical cover to Psychiatric centre round the clock.

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The Ansar Educational institutions facilitate every student to grow into an integrated personality having the traits of Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Citizenship.


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