Ansar School of Special Education for Mentally Challenged

Ansar School of Special Education started in 2001.The aim of the school is to provide education and training for mentally retarded children. In addition to learning facilities the care and support of General hospital, especially Neurology, Psychiatry divisions provides an exceptional service which makes it unique when compared to other similar institutions. Necessary steps have been taken for the upgrading of the school as an Aided school for the further developments in recent future and we have already received the initial sanctioning from the Government for the same.

A child is the most precious gift of the Almighty, who sees every creation as equal irrespective of their qualities, efficiencies and deficiencies. While some shows extraordinary talents, some others are not so fortunate in showing their skills and intellectual capacity. Some children have a kind of mental block that prevents them from going further in nurturing and developing their skills on their own. But it is a sad fact that we brand them as “mentally retarded” and treat them as “mentally ill”, who are not worthy of leading a normal life. .

How it all began

it was the feedback and experience from the Ansar Psychological Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre (AlPMAR), which made us convinced about the requirement of such a school, thus resulting in the setting up of this special school with a social cause, over a decade back. We had witnessed the plight of many subnormal children having associated problem like epilepsy, emotional disturbances, physical defects etc.

The inspiring ambience

Since the school is situated in a serene campus that houses ANSAR INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE AND RESEARCH and Nursing School, the medical facilities required to these special children are also taken care of. Moreover, the presence of the nursing students in the campus provides them a lovely environment of sisterly care, which is a blessing for these children, who are in their journey towards a normal life.

The process

The first step of admission to the school is classifying the children based on their IQ level, to provide them training according to their mental level and interests, with programs tailor made for each child as required. The specially designed curriculum trains the children in self-discipline, etiquettes, conversation, everyday activities, personal hygiene like bathing, cleaning teeth and dressing one-self etc., to mention a few.

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The Ansar Educational institutions facilitate every student to grow into an integrated personality having the traits of Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Citizenship.


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